Whenever people travel to An Giang, Chau Doc is always the primary chosen destination. It is very rare that someone travels to Tri Ton let alone stay overnight. One will feel how wonderous the nature here is and begs to slow down their trip and take a deep breath in this mountainous land. Feel your body’s sunburnt in whatever season of year and the burnt on the tip of your tongue with the speciality dish, Chao Bo

Where youngsters hang out with nature instead of phones at coffee shop or shopping malls


Nui To

Co To mountain
Where 3 kilograms of rice costs 10 cents, the secretion of their labour runs for meters as they lug long days to survive.
Where this village has had only 2-3 kids ever make it to college, the guy in the photo persevered through the hardship to escape such a harsh life in the crops

With the mixture of 2 cultures, Kinh and Khmer leaves the mark on architecture between Khmer and Viet pagodas, on the food, the language, but the nature, mountains, waterfall, and lakes stay the same as chill, marvelous and as pure as it gets.

Chess with ethnic group’s kids
When traveling doesn’t stop at opening just your mind
Join us while we randomly donate throughout Vietnam in donation box below, no organization manages, make sure kids and locals receive goods and love they deserve to have
You might here thunder sound often but because of quarrying

If you comes around Dolta festival, you’re lucky to join the bull race festival on August 30th – 2nd in Lunar Calendar (The Lunar Calendar doesn’t always match up with the traditional Gregorian calendar)

Nui Dai

Ta Pa Lake from mining nowadays is a new check in place for youngsters and couple watching sunset

Latina lake

A couple of waterfall mostly known by locals and impossible to find the route online


Chao bo, beef porriage, people here consume mostly beef since they do farming here so after any crops the rice was grown made use for raise the beef and the beef is stay with the locals instead being put in a industrial cage like a farm

Du du dam, a snack come from Khmer people, made from green papaya and many types of sauce, herbs and peanuts

Ga dot

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